Interview with Jeph Howard of The Used: The Canyon and his new concept «full of soul and heart»

Entrevista The Used: Jeph Howard habla acerca de The Canyon y su nuevo concepto “lleno de alma y corazón”

By Guadalupe Pérez

On Friday October 27 The Used returned with a new album titled The Canyon, in which we can find songs as deep and attached to the group as ever.

We had the pleasure of talking with Jeph Howard, bassist of The Used so that he will tell us more about this new album, his controversial video and some memories of his Mexican fans.

Entrevista The Used: Jeph Howard habla acerca de The Canyon y su nuevo concepto “lleno de alma y corazón”

Interview with Jeph Howard of The Used: The Canyon and his new concept «full of soul and heart»

Grita Fuerte: First, congratulations on your upcoming album after Imaginary Enemy you’ve brought us this new concept. Now, tell us more about The Canyon and its concept.

Jeph: This record has been brewing inside of us for years now and just hasn’t had the right push for it all to happen. This record started with a very easy flow of off and on writing and jamming sessions. We wanted this record to sound the way we sound live, raw, pure, from the heart and filled with soul. Next came choosing a producer and Ross Robinson just happen to be that producer, his whole outlook on music and recording is exactly what we needed to keep the souls and vibe in the recordings of these songs.

G.F: What made it for you to decide this record to be so personal, to open to your fans this way?

J: All our records are very personal but this one is connected to us directly to the soul. We all put so much energy into the way we wrote and recorded this album and you can really feel the difference between this one and our older ones.

G.F: The music video you just released a few weeks ago got some people confused. Does this video have any inspiration or meaning from you or did Lisa bring the idea to you?

J: Bert and Lisa came up with the video idea. Will the main choreographer was incredible and came up with.

An Album about duality

G.F: How would you describe the sound of The Canyon? We saw some updates on Instagram where you were using different instruments during the recording process.

J: Real, Raw, Powerful and more like how we sound live.

G.F: This is your first album with Justin Shekoski. What was it like working with him after a few years on the road?

J: Very smooth, Justin is a great musician and musically fits very well into The Used.

G.F: The title of the album takes us to think of nature. Is there any connection with the whole album?

J: This album has a lot to do with duality and each song has a double meaning lyrically. The entire record tells one story and at the same time is also getting other ideas and messages out.

What expect in Mexico

G.F: Recently, you had a listening party with some fans in Australia. What impressions did you have from them after hearing the whole album?

J: Three people fainted, two others had to be rushed to the emergency room from going into a pleasure coma, the remaining group had to be restrained from almost rocking out to death.

G.F: In other ideas, it has been 5 years since you last visited Mexico and Latin America. What does it feel like being away from countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico when they are closer than Asia and Europe where you tour often?

J: Some of our most memorable and exciting shows have been in Mexico as well as South America. My personal favourites include the Mexico City shows. Mexico and South America have such an incredible love for music that’s so deep that you can actually feel the love so strong during the shows. I love you Latin America.

G.F: Could we expect a worldwide tour for 2018?

J: Fuck yes.

G.F: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans in Mexico and Latin America?

J: I fucking love you and miss all of you so much. I know the canyon will be loved by Mexico and Latin America above the rest of the world because you guys really connect with soul and heart. This record is filled heart and soul and is going to blow your mind.

You can listen to the entire album with 17 songs and almost an hour and a half in Spotify.

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